Instagram Downloader

insert instagram post url and click on download botton

The Instagram social network has grown rapidly and has gained popularity for ease of use and accessibility from other social networks at the time of its emergence.

Given that the content is focused on photos and videos in less than one minute and the text has lost its role, many people are interested in downloading these photos or videos. And keep them offline, but Instagram, does not directly allow users to download these files. Here we have a tool for downloading from Instagram that can easily download all photos and videos that have been publicly shared by Instagram users.

Download photos and videos steps from Instagram

  • Open the post in instagram
  • Copy the post url in clipboard
  • Paste the url on this page
  • Click the download button
  • After the Instagram post photos and videos are displayed on this page, click on the link below to download the photos to download the photos.

"Getting an Instagram post url"

There are different ways to do this in different platforms.The easiest way to go through the browser is to open the Instagram site and find the post you want, go to the address bar of the browser and select the address that is available and copy it.
instagram desktop
The second method is through the Instagram app on ios and Android
instagram in mobile app
copy url in android
copy url in ios
Open the Insta app, find the post you want and copy the post url

benefits of Instagram downloader

  • Advantages of downloading tools from Instagram
  • Applies to all platforms
  • There is no need for even an Instagram to be installed on your device
  • Provides the highest quality photo with the highest image size to download from Instagram.
  • Unlike mobile apps, it does not need to be installed and easily accessible.
  • In the Web environment, you do not need to have and developer skills

 Tips of Use Insta Downloader

  • Notable points when downloading photos and videos from Instagram
  • The site does not store any photos and files you ask to download them on your server, and photos and videos from the INSTATE will be generated at the moment, and at the address of the photos and videos from the Instagram server itself. The user's discretion , it means , you download the exact download time from the Instagram itself.
  • There is only a possibility to download from public posts and this site will never use yours to access private pages.
  • does not contain any history of your Instagram downloads or pages